When I was living in Japan I noticed a gap in my wardrobe and decided to fill it with some simple linen skirts. I ended up making 4 and they quickly became my go-to pieces. After a bunch of requests, I have made a little tutorial explaining how easy it is to make one for yourself. Keep reading to find out how!

You will need:

– 2 meters of woven fabric (120cm – 138cm wide)
– Matching thread
– Scissors
– 1-inch wide elastic to fit your waist
– Iron & Ironing Board

How to:

  1. With prewashed fabric cut 2 trapezoid shapes. You may need more if you are taller or less if you are shorter. The top of my trapezoid measured 66cm and the bottom measured 115cm.

  2. Sew up the side seams. I like to french seam my sides to make them super strong and neat. Here is a video about how to french seam here. Your iron will come in handy here!
  3. Make a casing for elastic by doing a double fold at the top of the skirt. Then thread through the elastic, secure and close up the casing. There is a great tutorial for doing this here.
    Update 31/03/2020: A couple of people have asked me how I make my waistband match up with diagonal seams. For the most part, I haven’t had any issues with that using linen. When I have, its been very minor and I have been able to slightly stretch (very gently) or bunch the fabric to make the seams match up. With this skirt I didn’t have any problems matching up the seams when sewing the waistband. If you are using a fabric with no give, you could always attach a waistband instead or cut the waistband part straight and then cut diagonally down from there.
  4. Hem the bottom of the skirt and press.
  5. That’s it πŸ™‚

I haven’t given many dimensions in this post because it really depends on your size and the length of the skirt you’d like. For reference, I am an AU size 12-14 and I am about 170cm tall. Here are the finished measurements of my skirt lying flat:
Waistband – 33cm
Skirt Length – 94cm
Hem – 114cm

This skirt has so many possibilities for hacks and alterations. You could cut the hem for an asymmetric look like this or add a ruffle like this. If you arent feeling up to a DIY, I recently found a Butterick pattern #5757 that includes a really similar skirt. If you do try this DIY out or have any questions, let me know on Instagram @_diydaisy.

Happy DIYing!

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4 replies on “DIY Trapezoid Skirt

  1. Hi Daisy, thanks so much for posting this, they’re such great skirts. I was wondering, do you not run into trouble when sewing up the waistband since you have diagonal rather than straight seams? Thank you!


    1. Hey Kathryn, I did find this the first time I made a skirt like this but I found if I just stretch or bunch the fabric a little it matches up. In the end you can’t see because the waistband is all gathered.

      If you are worried you could always just cutting the waistband part straight and then go out diagonally from there. Hope you know what I mean πŸ™‚


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