I’ve been meaning to share this project for a while but its back to school time in Japan and it’s been super busy! This DIY is another take on the Rectangle Sleeve Top with a couple of ruffles thrown in. Its super fun, frilly and produces very little waste! It could be easily adjusted or made into a dress and depending on the width of your fabric can be made to fit a range of sizes. I love loose fitting styles like this and I also think it would work well for mums to be with growing tummies. Watch the Tiktok video about how to make it here.


For this project I used 136cm of woven fabric. Like most of my DIYs, I work with the width of the fabric so I can try to produce as little waste as possible. I used Liberty Tana Lawn from The Fabric Store which is 142cm wide. I also used some of their Liberty Bias Binding to finish my neck hole. Of course, you can adjust the sizes of the rectangles to suit your size and the width of your fabric. I’m an Australian size 12 and like my DIY Rectangle Sleeve Top (also made with 142cm wide Liberty Tana Lawn) this top could fit from a size AU 8 up to a size AU 16.

The Steps

The construction process for this DIY is similar to the Rectangle Sleeve Top with the addition of the peplum ruffle.

1. Cut the fabric.

DIY Rectangle Ruffle Peplum Top Fabric

Cut 6 rectangles from your piece of fabric.
The first 2 rectangles are the top front and back. They measure 44cm by 71cm wide. The other 4 rectangles are all 23cm by 142cm wide. They will be the sleeves and the peplum. With the top front and back pieces, fold both pieces in half down the middle to find the center and then cut the neck hole. I sometimes use another pattern I like the neckline of and trace that instead of going freehand. One of my fav necklines is the Kabuki Tee by Paper Theory.

2. Sew the shoulder seams together.

Place the front and back pieces right sides together and sew together the shoulder seams. I use a seam allowance of 1cm all over.

3. Bind or face the neckline.

Bind the neckline with bias binding or a facing. Seamwork magazine has a great post here on binding and facing.

4. Attach the sleeves.

DIY Rectangle Ruffle Peplum Top

Gather the the top edge of the sleeve rectangles. After gathering the top edge of the sleeve pieces, they measured 48cm. Taking one gathered sleeve piece, find the center. This will be the point to match up with the shoulder seam. Pin this right sides together to the top and then attach it with a straight stitch. Repeat this step on the other side. You should now have something that looks like this.

5. Attach the peplum ruffles.

Taking 1 peplum rectangle, find the center and pin it to the center of the top front hem. Sew that together and then do the same with on the back.

6. Sew up the side seams & hem all the raw edges.

I used a 1cm folded hem. Finally give it a press and try it on!

That’s it! I also made a matching Rectangle Ruffle Skirt (which is what im wearing in these photos) so that when I wear them together it looks like a dress. I have been wearing both pieces separately too and really love them. I hope you give this DIY a try sometime and if you do, please share it with me on instagram @_diydaisy so I can see yours.

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