Japanese street style is super inspiring and since I arrived 7 months ago I have seen these little pocket pouchy bags everywhere! They are usually made from nylon or ripstop fabrics for durability and outdoor wear which means there aren’t many options that suit my style and colour pallette. So, with spring just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to DIY a couple of my own. I, of course, chose to make them in my fav colours to pair with all of my spring and summer looks!

My awesome co-worker Hamed snapped these photos of me today in the corner of my fav orange building. Some of our students spotted us during the shoot so I gave them a big wave haha!

I used this fab pencil case tutorial by Hello Sandwich as a guide and added little loops to the sides so I could attach the cord to make a strap. The great thing is you can adjust the size and shape to suit you. I have a couple of variations on this design planned but for my first couple of bags, I am super in love.

For my materials I used a duck cotton canvas, some scrap cotton lawn I had left over for the lining, a chunky zipper, shoelace cord and a tiny bit of flat cording (Im not sure on the proper name) for my strap loops. The pink bag is about 30cm x 20cm and the red bag is about 18cm x 18cm. So they don’t use very much fabric, you can line them with your scraps and leftovers and they are super easy! That’s all from me… hope you are having a fab day 🙂

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