I’ve discovered my new favourite treat! It’s Japanese imitation Oreos. It has become a true obsession and I’m sure has been partly to blame for a few extra kgs. While shopping at my local supermarket recently, I was caught by the paparazzi! Just kidding, my super awesome photographer twin sister Aurora thought this new stripey dress would look fab snapped amongst the isles of confectionary items so naturally, I slowly perused my options…while she got a couple of shots.

This was one of my first creations using a pattern from Todays Pattern, a small Japanese pattern company. Their patterns are available to buy online in Japan and from some fabric stores also in Japan. The pattern is pre-cut so all you need to do is pull it apart from the perforated edges. The instructions, while in Japanese, were super easy to follow and I really love the result! The only thing I may do (when I have a bunch of free time) is take the top in a little so that it isn’t AS oversized. I do really love oversized dresses but this one could probably use a little less room around the back. It would also mean I could have a bit more of a gather on the skirt.


This striped fabric comes from The Fabric Store’s Online Collection and was the perfect thing for this dress. It is their Cotton Bengal Stripe Shirting. It was just the right weight for this kind of dress as it falls just how I hoped. If I make this dress again, I may even try a Liberty Tana Lawn! I can totally imagine a floral tee shirt dress…but for now, I’ll stick with stripes 🙂

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