It feels like it was only last week that I was complaining about the crazy humidity in Japan but now I am saying goodbye to Autumn and getting ready for a winter full of spicy ramen, hot tea, and trips to the onsen. Autumn in Japan is incredibly beautiful and the trees turn all shades of bright red, orange, and yellow. It’s nothing like autumn in Australia!

IMG_20181216_145501 (1)

This dress was inspired by all of the gorgeous colors featured in the floral Liberty print that just felt so right for this season. The fabric is from The Fabric Store’s Online Collection and is called Garden Wonderland D. I used my Rectangle Dress DIY with a couple of adjustments to ensure it fits well and also used up as much fabric as possible. I opted for ties this time instead of simple straps which means I can make the dress sit lower or higher depending on the top I wear underneath. I also cut a little bit out from the underarms to make the dress fit around my bust a little better. Pictured below is the scraps from when I cut around the bust. That’s all the waste there was from this dress! Also pictured is the fabric and thread match from The Fabric Store.

This dress is so full and swishy that you can’t tell I have 3 layers on underneath because it is already SO COLD! I wore a singlet, a long-sleeved thermal and then my red turtleneck (plus the stockings) and took off my coat just to snap these pics hehe! I know this dress will be a fav of mine come spring and summer next year but I’ll make sure to give it some love this winter when I don’t feel like wearing all black.

IMG_20181216_145449 (1)
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