In anticipation of my twin sister visiting me in Japan I whipped up a couple of matching sets so that we could have a twinning moment! I was inspired by Catherine from @threapsnips after seeing her amazing chartreuse set and had to make a couple sets of my own.

I didn’t have the exact same patterns on hand (I really wish I had made the Kabuki Tee too) so I had to use what I had available. The pants pattern was given to me by the home ec teacher at my school and the top was a simple drop shoulder tee from Handmade Company.

The fabrics were from The Fabric Store’s online collection. I used about 3m of their Shamrock and Orange lightweight linens. Shipping was super fast from NZ and it only took about 5 days to arrive! Even though they are super bright, these simple pieces have really filled gap in my wardrobe. The orange linen is a little less opaque than the green one so I had to make sure I was wearing flesh toned under garments.

We had so much fun shooting these outfits and really love how they came out. Aurora and I only get to see each other about once or twice a year so it’s nice to have some cute photos to remember this time. 🧡💚

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